Team Bootleg hackers wins first prize ‘’Hackathon for Good The Hague 2020’’

December 11th 2020


During the weekend of 27, 28, and 29 November, the third edition of the Hackathon for Good took place. Bootleg Hackers won the first prize with their solution to report environmental crimes by creating a platform that cultivates a community and empowers them to take collective actions against environmental crimes. You can check out the demo here.

Since it was the first online edition of Hackathon for Good, it took some creative effort of the team to have some fun while brainstorming deep into the night. ‘’The shared music playlists were definitely a highlight.’’ according to team member Remi van der Laan.

But how did the team come up with their prizewinning solution? ‘’We had a great line-up of mentors to choose from, who helped us to really understand the challenge through their expertise and enabled us to test our assumptions in such a short amount of time.’’  Team member Prerak Mody adds: ‘’We would also like to thank Amir Niknam of the Dutch Police. His infectious enthusiasm motivated us during the duration of the Hackathon.’’

Team Bootleg Hackers all agree that the Hackathon for Good is a great learning experience with a cross-pollination of ideas across many different fields. The team had a great experience and hope to meet up together one day.