Shared mobility in The Hague

November 25th 2020


Why are we looking for your help?

Currently, shared scooters, bikes, and cars from providers such as Felyx, Cargoroo, and Greenwheels appear more often on the streets of The Hague. Shared mobility is considered an important part of the future of mobility in the cities. It saves space, helps reduce the emission, and it is sustainable. The city of The Hague is promoting the use of shared mobility for a cleaner, healthier, and more livable city. But does shared mobility have the expected impact on the city? Will car-owners change their private cars for shared cars? How much does shared mobility contribute to the CO2 reduction in the city? The city of The Hague is now facing challenges in obtaining the data and information to answer these questions.

The Municipality of The Hague wants to find the answers to these questions. After the launch of the permit system earlier this year, they continue with further developing shared mobility in the city. By allowing everyone with relevant knowledge, skills, and means to participate, the city of The Hague becomes inspired and gains new insights on how to solve this challenge. Young and international talent outside the Municipality of The Hague’s network can get acquainted with shared mobility and view this challenge from a different perspective. This new perspective can lead to fresh ideas and potentially reaching a unique and dynamic market.

Make an impact for good.

The solutions that participants create during the 48-hour program of the Hackathon for Good give the Municipality of The Hague more insights into the possibilities. Shared mobility isn’t done developing, and if one of the solutions is a good fit, The Hague is willing to continue working on this solution.

We are looking forward to seeing the teams develop innovative solutions for this challenge and how shared mobility will develop further.