Marija Slavkovik shares her knowledge of AI & Ethics

November 26th 2020


Marija Slavkovik shares her knowledge of AI & Ethics during the opening of Hackathon for Good - The Hague

This Friday marks the start of the 48-hour Hackathon as part of the third edition of the Hackathon for Good. We are very excited that Marija Slavkovik will share her knowledge of AI & ethics with our participants during our opening ceremony.

Marija is an Associate professor with the Faculty for Social Sciences of the University of Bergen. She is a computer scientist who researches AI. She publishes in collective reasoning and decision making.

Marija Slavkovik has been researching machine ethics since 2012. Machine ethics studies show how moral reasoning can be automated. Marija works on formalizing collective ethical decision-making. She has held several seminars, tutorials, and graduate courses on AI ethics. More information about this can be found on her website.

Marija is interested in the phenomenon of autonomous systems increasingly becoming moral arbitrators by virtue of the dissipation of the machine-society segregation. Automation, particularly of cognition, is not always possible without automating aspects of ethical reasoning or values. The problem then is whose moral values should have standing, what honest opinions and values should be elicited, how should that be done, and what is the right way to aggregate these ‘’measurements’’?