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27 - 29 November 2020

3rd edition

During the weekend of 27, 28 and 29 November the third edition of the Hackathon for Good will take place. This edition will be the first online edition. The Hackathon for Good 2020 is hosted by the city of The Hague and organised by The Hague Tech, in close collaboration with the Hague’s innovation ecosystems consisting of the hubs The Hague Security Delta, The Hague Humanity Hub and the programs Yes! Delft, WorldStartup, Data Science Initiative and Digital Competence & Education Center. Because of its willingness to work with its social partners on urgent challenges the world faces, the Municipality of The Hague is hosting the Hackathon for Good 2020. The Hague believes that technology and innovation can contribute to positive changes in the world.


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Money and size are a prerequisite for access to traditional government jurisdiction. The traditional system is therefore not accessible to everyone by design. Eve wiped that system off the table and developed a new system. A system that by design offers access to everyone. Eve provides fast, affordable, simple, and good jurisdiction. ...

The Hague Legal Tech Alliance

THIS CHALLENGE IS FULL - THLTA is challenging participants of this year’s Hackathon to create mock-ups of technological applications that contribute to the generation of documents. The requirements of transparency and privacy of these documents need to be taken into account and met directly through the application. Additionally, the mock-ups need to incorporate or contain automatic cleaning proper ...

Challenge is full!

Shared Mobility

THIS CHALLENGE IS FULL - Shared mobility is believed to be the future of mobility in the cities. It saves space, helps reduce the emission and it is sustainable. The city of The Hague is promoting the use of shared mobility for a cleaner, healthier and more livable city. But does shared mobility really give the expected impact on the city? Will car-owners change their private cars for shared cars ...

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Environmental crimes

THIS CHALLENGE IS FULL - Environmental crime is on the rise, and is now widely recognised as one of the largest criminal areas world-wide. Despite its destructive nature, and the threat it poses to health, detecting environmental crime has proven to be immensely difficult. The main issue is that environmental crimes are invisible - and without any witnesses or victims who press charges, law enforc ...

Challenge is full!

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Does your organization want to bring in a current issue as a challenge owner? We would like to tell you more about your potential part in this journey to make an impact for good.


What's the hackathon about?


During the Hackathon for Good several online co-creation challenges and trainings will take place. Find out what activities are happening when by checking out the programme.

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Are you an entrepreneurial changemaker and ready to make an impact for good? Apply now and work on challenges from the Municipality of the Hague, the Police, EVE & The Hague Legal Tech Alliance.


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What does “For Good” mean?

The aim of this hackathon is to prototype data-driven solutions for societal problems. For Good means that the solutions we aim for are beneficial for society. Challenge owners want to cocreate these solutions. The work after the hackathon could lead to commercial products and services, but the results of the hackathon are preferably open source and actively shared.

I am not a coder, can I still join?

Certainly. Good teams represent a variety of skills and experiences. Business development, UX design, marketing are just as useful as data science and coding. If you sign up as an individual, we will help you join or set up a team.

How many days is the actual hackathon?

3 days or 48 hours. We start on Friday the 27th of November at 4PM and will announce the winner on Sunday at 4PM. The supporting programme began on November 2nd, but everyone will get access to the training material and exercises after registration and selection.

Are the results of the hackathon open source?

Yes, they are, unless explicitly communicated differently.

Should we pitch our idea to a jury and if so how?

It’s not a shark tank, but there will be a jury with a variety of experts. We have two pitching rounds. The first round is with the challenge owners and you will compete with other teams working on the same challenge. The second and final round will be run to determine the winner and runner up.

If I win, can I give my price to charity and if so, do you have a good tip?

You are free to do what you like with your price. There is no need to invest it in the follow up of the prototype, although we do stimulate people to try to take the next step. If you decide to go from “for good” to “feel good”, our charity of choice would be

I am quite competitive and like to win, what are the criteria of the jury?

Creativity, Feasibility, Problem/Solution fit, Presentation & Mastering technology. So a well presented, out of the box solution, with beautiful code and instant satisfaction for the problem owner, after just a couple of more tweaks, will have a very good chance to win.


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