The Hague Legal Tech Alliance

THIS CHALLENGE IS FULL - The Hague Legal Tech Alliance (THLTA) is an initiative of the municipality of The Hague and Pels Rijcken. The municipality of the Hague is known as the international city of peace and justice. Security and access to the law are leading, and the many legal institutes established in The Hague contribute to this, for instance, through jurisprudence and investigation. To maintain this unique position in the future, the Hague is committed to connecting these important institutes with the innovative sectors and knowledge institutions.

THLTA provides for this by connecting legal institutions that contribute to the rule of law with the start-up community within the Hague. By doing so, technological innovations are made easier to use and to deploy.

Transparency is paramount for a properly functioning rule of law. If statements and decisions of leading legal institutions are not made public or challenging to find for the population, this can undermine confidence in the law and the rule of law. Simultaneously, the desired transparency must not come at the expense of protecting personal data and data that may not be disclosed by law.

THLTA is convinced that technology can contribute to the transparency of the law and jurisprudence, without undermining the protection of privacy, for example, with the use of automatic cleaning programs. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is possible to extract confidential correspondence from many e-mails. An automatic cleaning program compares a "starter set" of communication with the other files that the user has secured.

THLTA is challenging participants of this year’s Hackathon to create mock-ups of technological applications that contribute to the generation of documents. The requirements of transparency and privacy of these documents need to be taken into account and met directly through the application. Additionally, the mock-ups need to incorporate or contain automatic cleaning properties. THLTA further hopes that the participants of this Hackathon will gain more insight into (future) possibilities to facilitate the traditional legal institutes in The Hague to make the step towards a digital society in other areas as well.