EVE is a private court. For more information, please look at www.eve.law.

A good court system is essential for the proper functioning of an economy. Our mission is to provide access to a court to everyone.

Money and size are a prerequisite for access to traditional government jurisdiction. The traditional system is therefore not accessible to everyone by design.

Eve wiped that system off the table and developed a new system. A system that by design offers access to everyone. Eve provides fast, affordable, simple, and good jurisdiction.

This may sound revolutionary, but it really is not. It is jurisdiction as it always should have been.

For several reasons, we initially focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (“SME’s”).

Eve faces several problems that we challenge you to solve.

1. A free or inexpensive tool that allows every person to determine his or her legal position.

We notice that a lot of entrepreneurs in a legal dispute are looking for free or affordable legal advice on their position. You do not need a lawyer at Eve. But people hardly dare to go to Eve’s court without advice on their legal position. The current public resources available are clearly inadequate.

Design a tool that allows every citizen to determine his or her legal position in a conflict. In any case, the tool must be free or cheap and simple. The tool should not depend on or be influenced by commercial elements.

The first thing we think of is a 'Juri wiki'. Naturally, any other form that you find better is welcome.

2. How can we convince SME’s to choose the faster and cheaper solution of EVE?

On the basis of ratio, the smaller entrepreneurs should opt for Eve or other available options for dispute resolution. Yet that does not happen. Similar initiatives have stranded. These initiatives did not introduce a completely new system, but they would be cheaper at least.

The challenge under no. 1 may have to do with this, but this does not seem to be everything.

Why don't people choose the better option when it's available? How can we convince them to do so? Is there a technical solution to this?

3.How does EVE reach SME’s who are in conflict?

The SME market is a large market. EVE should focus its messages on SME’s who are starting to develop a conflict or just started one. How do we know which SMEs are having a conflict?