Environmental crimes

THIS CHALLENGE IS FULL - Environmental crime is on the rise, and is now widely recognised as one of the largest criminal areas world-wide. Despite its destructive nature, and the threat it poses to health, detecting environmental crime has proven to be immensely difficult. The main issue is that environmental crimes are invisible - and without any witnesses or victims who press charges, law enforcement agencies have a tough time finding offenders.

To make matters more complicated, many perpetrators are legal companies, with a legal enterprise, who find illegal ways of doing business to cut costs or make more money. These wolves in sheep’s clothing endanger our air, water, soil and food. Finding and stopping them is not only imperative to our own health and well-being, but also to that of all other life on earth.

In order to effectively fight environmental crimes, we must first be able to better detect them. Not only law enforcement, but especially citizens should know what is going on in their own backyard. This way, citizens will know what to look for and when to call the authorities.